February 21, 2020

Peace of Mind with HVAC

At Robert’s Heating and Air Conditioning of VA we offer “Peace of Mind” services. Our staff will call you to schedule one of the below services so you know your system is functioning properly.

How Often Should I Have My System Serviced?

While the answer to this question partially depends on what type of HVAC equipment you have, most systems need to be professionally maintained at a minimum of yearly. This means that you should schedule air conditioner maintenance in the springtime, and furnace maintenance should be scheduled in the fall to cover all of your bases. In the case of a heat pump system, which runs all year long, you would need maintenance twice—once in the spring and once in the fall to cover the same needs as a conjoined forced-air system.

Summer Maintenance

We will clean your condensation lines

The pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioner can get clogged. If the pipe becomes clogged, it could back up into the air conditioner — or into your house — and you’ll have a messy problem and a big repair bill.

To combat this, locate where the pipe drains out and make sure it’s draining properly.

We will check the duct work for leaks

According to the University of Florida, sealing leaky ducts can generate significant savings on heating and cooling:

“Leaky ducts make your HVAC work much harder — ducts leaking just 20% of the conditioned air passing through them cause your system to work 50% harder.”

Look for disconnected joints, separated pieces and small holes in your ductwork. If you find leaks, seal them with tape carrying an Underwriters Laboratories logo. Fabric and rubber-backed tapes break down quicker.

Winter Maintenance

We check your thermostat

We make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries and is set for your winter comfort needs. In order to save energy, we recommend setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature at night and while you’re at work, and turning it up when you’re home. If you don’t already have one, winter is an excellent time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. This will help you keep your thermostat set on the most efficient setting all season long.