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January 4, 2021



Did you know that the HALO LED whole home air purification system proactively treats every cubic foot of air conditioned space, thereby reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants?

There is also a PDF you can view as well for your reading pleasure.

*CLIENTS WITH BOILERS – If you are interested in this product, you will need to upgrade your current thermostat to a Honeywell T10 so it will communicate in heating due to having a boiler and no ductwork*


Maintaining a healthy indoor humidity level is important!

Dry air can lower your body’s immune response as it dries out nasal cavities making airborne viruses and airborne bacteria transmission more likely. 

Dry air in the house can hurt your home’s structure too. It can result in cracked structures and harm your home’s wood furnishings. 

Getting your home’s humidity as close to 50 percent is advised to help make your home more comfortable and your air healthier. 

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